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Crime Runners


Working on the brand since 2015
Art Direction / Graphic-Design / Concept / Consulting

I've created the corporate design, web-design, graphical gameplay-elements and advertisement material for www.crimerunners.at. My work also contains the social-media graphics, presentational material, large-scale rollup-banners, business cards and merchandise. With austroflex.at
we've also created an illuminated storefront logo-branding at the second branch nearby the U6 Metro Station Alserstraße.

Special thanks to:
Owners: Steffen Volkmer, Stefan Tauchhammer, Lukas Rauscher, Uli Breunig
Martin Langeder / digitales-handwerk.at
Michael Schmutzer / austroflex

Peter Lenz / Set Design
Thomas Peintinger / Photographer & Videographer

“Crime Runners is the beginning of a new era of ‘Escape the Room’-games and Austria’s first Live Action Adventure. Between two and six participants get assignments from the mysterious operator and undergo, in the course of one hour, an exciting and reasoned story. The classic concept ‘Room Escape’ has therefore been extended by special effects and leads to a completely new experience."


CRIMERUNNERS header + image size 2000x1355CRIMERUNNERS header + image size 2000x1355