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Naber Kaffee


while employed at CIDCOM since 03/2016
Position in this project: Art Director, Photographer
Project time span: since July 2016

Art Director for the complete rebranding of the viennese traditional "Naber Kaffee", Conception, Corporate Design, Product Design, Photography, Web Design, Digital Campaign Design, Social Media Content Conception, Booth Design, Print Layouts & Design.

Most recent team members I worked with on this project (I'm sorry if I missed someone):
Creative Director: Stephanos Berger | Account Management: Murat German | Graphic Designers: Alexandra Stalzer, Corina Lindner, Carla Leitner, Wolfgang Mair | Communications/Text: Elisabeth Binder, Michael Illes

Just a few examples of my work. Usage appoved by CIDCOM / Stephanos Berger (Thanks!)


NABER header + image size 2000x1355NABER header + image size 2000x1355